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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  July 20, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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from a watch to an excessive heat warning. this goes into effect tomorrow afternoon and it goes through friday. worst of it tomorrow more than 110 degrees in some locations. so for tonight here is what you can expect. clear skies, warm and muggy. maybe an isolated storm possible. not too worried about there being any severe weather. south winds at 5 to 10. i'll let you know how long this heat wave sticks around before we get relief. back to you. >> hot weather is part to blame for a tree falling on a group of campers. that incident sent five people to the hospital from garfield park in capitol hill yesterday afternoon. so just how can the heat cause a large limb from a perfectly healthy tree to fall during a hot day? scott broom followed up with the survivors and tree experts. >> reporter: contractors were in garfield park taking down the tree that nearly killed five people from a vacation
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bible camp tuesday. and the survivors were back with the people's church bible camp with some dramatic stories to tell. >> i got two deep gashes. >> like youth leader james stratton. >> when i woke up my hand was all messed up. >> did you even have a chance to flinch before this thing came down? >> no. it was almost instantaneous. i had no idea what was going on. i didn't even realize i had been knocked out. >> as soon as i heard the crack i started running. >> reporter: brian was checkedded for head injuries and cleared. >> are you afraid of trees? >> no. i still like to get under trees. >> reporter: a tree expert says there is an explanation. >> it is a phenomenon. >> reporter: and explained that hot weather causes trees to rapidly draw water from the ground out to their branches and leaves. >> it brings a tremendous amount of added weight up into the upper canopy. we have a large amount.
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it radiates heat. it is tough on the older urban canopies we have across the united states. >> reporter: the tree in this historic park will not survive and was removed today. and the camp kids were roller skating indoors instead of hanging out under oak trees. >> it is a miracle. >> reporter: the pastor's take on this. >> we teach the young people if there is a storm outside not to get under a tree. but there was no wind and they thought it was safe to sit under a tree. >> reporter: it doesn't matter what kind of tree expert you are there is literally no way to predict if it could happen to you which makes sitting and you a beautiful oak tree like this on a hot summer day a matter of faith. scott broom, 9news now. >> all five people who were injured were treat and released and we can tell you they are all in good people. >> good news. >> a less invasive way to fly that's what the t.s.a. is promising in response to all the criticism over the full
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body images. >> late this afternoon the transportation secretary administration unveiled new software that promises you more privacy. delia gonclaves is live at reagan national with a closer look at what's changing and what's not. delia? >> reporter: well, anita, the t.s.a. actually tested this out with a pilot program here at reagan national last year and now this new software is being rolled out at 40 airports nationwide. here is what is new. that controversial image, well, it is no longer your own. here is your first look at the new technology in action. it is the same body scanning machine we are used to seeing at the security check points but instead after detailed image of your body like before now a monitor shows a generic image of a person. >> well, that certainly is better than it has been. >> people feel more comfortable. they feel like they are not being unnecessarily strip searched to some extent. >> reporter: plus, a screen is positioned where both the passenger and the agent can see
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it. instead of an agent viewing your image in another room entirely. >> the machine essentially does the work for us. >> reporter: the t.s.a. says the new software which will upgrade more than 200 machines nationwide highlights the "trouble areas," so in some cases if a pat down is necessary the agent can target the search to that one area only. >> i have seen people that really have been padded down that just it is really awful. >> the privacy upgrades come on the heels of several controversial searches where children were being patted down, even a toddler who appeared to be getting a diaper checked. >> as security threats change we need to constantly evolve as a security administration and that's what you're seeing today is an example of that. >> reporter: although today's technology doesn't address the full body pat downs passengers say it is a step in the right direction. >> we want it to be safe but you don't want to feel like your privacy and your dignity
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is being compromised. >> reporter: here is another plus. the t.s.a. tells us that this process should actually be more efficient. one, they will get you through that security check point faster which is always good news for passengers and, two, they will be able to reassign those t.s.a. agents who normally were sitting in that room looking at that monitor. >> anita. >> sounds good, delia. let's hope it materializes. >> a big switcharoo today on metro to dulles much the airport authority caved to some intense pressure and decided to abandon all the plans to build that rail station underground. bruce leshan has been covering the story but even the other option isn't cheap. bruce. >> reporter: the total cost for phase ii of this, $3.5 billion, with a b. so moving the station above ground it is about $330 million. but the total cost that they really need to get down to,
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still have to work on it quite a bit and they will have to shave off enough to get down a pretty staggering $2.8 billion. phase i already dominates the view in tyson's corner but getting phase ii paid for all the way out to dulles has been a real struggle. in a packed hearing room the airport's authority voted to move the dulles airport station above ground. even though none of the members seem particularly happy about it. >> i will be embarrassed that the international gateway airport for the capitol of my country has a slip shot station like this. this is an embarrass many and outrage. >> reporter: i'm standing on top of the parking garage, the above ground station will go right next to it just this side of the circle right down there. the below-ground station, it would have gone in the middle of the parking lot over there saving people a walk of about 650 feet but costing hundreds
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of millions of dollars extra. the above-ground station will connect to underground moving walkways but it will take longer to get into the terminal. trouble is, the sky rocketing costs of phase ii could force the airport's authority to jack up fees on the toll road to $10 or more. and virginia, loudoun and fairfax counties were all chaffing at how much more they will have to pay. >> for the record i love bob brown. >> i want to hear the rebuttal press conference. >> reporter: virginia board member davis says above ground is the only politically viable situation. >> i went to the airport in rome and walked forever to get to the above-ground station. >> reporter: after the meeting with the u.s. transportation it looks like loudoun and fairfax will qualify for some low interest loans. that will save them millions of dollars on their share.
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if the airport authority could qualify for the low interest loans would probably save money moving the station above ground but get this, it doesn't have the credit rate to go qualify for those federal loans. >> you still have members that are keeping fingers and toes cross hoping there is a faint glimmer of hope they can go underground still. >> still. these projects seem to go on and on and up and down, above ground. turns out there are actually some private companies that are suggesting they could both finance and build a blow-ground station. not worked out and still looking like a real long shot, but as you say, a glimmer. >> a very faint glimmer. >> thank you, bruce. new regulations going into effect for petty cabs today in the district. the mayor announced petty cabs will have to have seat belts and braking systems and need to move to the curb lane to allow
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motorized vehicles go bay. some of the drivers claim to be harassed by u.s. park police. the charges were later dropped. metro seeing a spike in car break ins at his parking lots. 19 days last week including a dozen at the largo car garage. the agency says it will put plain clothes undercover officers out there to try to catch the thieves. right now nfl players are here in dc preparing to vote on an agreement that could bring an end to the lockout. brett, are we on the 1-yard line? >> we are. the deal will come in a nex couple days the question is will it be fast enough to start training camps on time. we are hearing about a stepback in the last hour. until the players finish what they are doing, the owners
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cannot do their part. so there is a document, it exists in the hands of the players right now. it is a new 10-year collective bargaining agreement and right now the 32 player reps from the 32 teams are debating it and trying to get to a place where they can vote on it. we just heard that there will be no vote tonight. that means that could delay what we expected to be a vote by the owners tomorrow at their meeting in atlanta. again, the players have to approve it first then the owners can vote on it and when the zoners approve it then the lockout will be over. obviously time is of the essence in the sense that if this takes much longer training camps will be delayed and potentially the preseason. so we are waiting to find out when the players will be ready to vote on this thing. we hear it is not going to be today. we will have more at 6 p.m. and i'll be live in atlanta tomorrow as the owners get together and hopefully try to end this thing. >> two-step process as you said. today britain's prime minister found himself in a
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firing line over the intense debate of the phone hacking scandal. accused of getting too close to some of rupert murdoch's executives. charlie d'agata reports from london. >> order. >> reporter: british lawmakers took aim at the prime minister in a heated debate over the phone-hacking scandal. >> you live and you learn and believe you me i have learned. >> reporter: cameron is taking heat for hiring his former communications chief andy coleson. he was editor at rupert murdoch's "news of the world" when journalists hacked into the voice mails of murder victims and politicians. >> with 20/20 hind sight and all that has followed i would not have offered him the job and i expect that he wouldn't have taken it. >> it is not about hindsight, mr. speaker, it is not about whether he lied to him, it is about all the information and warnings that the prime minister ignored. >> reporter: now that collison has been arrested the prime minister is under even more
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pressure to distance himself from the scandal. >> so far the waters are not lapping at the door of number 10 but the questions are being asked about the friends he keeps. >> reporter: cameron met with news corp. executives more than two dozen times since taking office. he laughed off suggestions he got cozy to rebecca brooks. 1993 never held a slumber party or seen her in her pajamas. >> reporter: the prime minister promised to clear up the mess. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> the house of commons also released a scathing report on the initial investigation into the hacking allegations and politicians came to the conclusion that news international deliberately tried to block a criminal investigation. we have got a commuter alert for drivers in wheaton. southbound george avenue
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remaining closed after a water main break early this morning. water was shot off in the area. georgia avenue was closed in both directions during the morning rush hour an those repair crews have been working out in the heat all day. northbound is now open but officials say it could be tomorrow until those southbound lanes reopen. coming up. the u.s. post master general tells u.s.a. today the budget whoas plaguing our postal system if you only got mail three days a week. we will have reaction. president obama calls top lawmakers to the white house as a new plan to end the debt crisis takes shape. i'm danielle knottingham in washington. i'll have that story coming up.
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another day has come and gone with no deal with congress and the debt ceiling. president obama is meeting with the house speaker and majority leader. the president is pushing for both sides to close the deal. he and his administration are supporting the new gangs of six plan as a balanced way to solve the issue. >> let's actually take this moment and see if we can rally around something that could actually move forward. >> if we can help in the debt ceiling debate by producing this product, fine. >> the gang of six plan would
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cut $4 trillion by reducing spending and getting support from both parties but the plan is too complex to make it through congress before the august 2nd deadline. danielle knottingham is joining us now. the president may be able to sign off on a short term deal to make this deadline, something he said he wasn't going to do before. >> reporter: the white house said the president was open to a short term deal only if that meant that lawmakers needed more time to get a larger deal done. now, all through this debate we have heard the white house use the phrase a lot "kicking the can down the road." that's something the president doesn't want to do. he wants a long-term solution and he says look, if this is what it is going to take to get lawmakers to reach an agreement by this deadline we will do a short term deal only if that is followed by a long-term solution to reduce the deficit, lesli. >> okay. so we know that some republicans do not want to compromise on raising taxes. this new plan is not going to raise taxes but it is going to
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limit tax deductions. are you getting a sense of how house republicans will do that? >> reporter: it is going to be a really tough sell for house republicans. first of all, last night they passed their own debt plan. it went through the house and it is something that they are very much in support of, and also, they said all along no raising taxes. this gang of six plan they are saying doesn't have enough detail. no one is telling them at the end it doesn't mean more taxes anyway, and also, it reduces a lot of tax breaks that a lot of us may enjoy. we are talking about mortgage rates, retirement savings, charitable giving. so these are things that rewill you be cans are saying at a time when americans aren't working that's the last thing that we need to do is to raise taxes, take away tax breaks for americans who need all the money they can get. >> a bit of a ways apart on this whole debt ceiling agreement there. danielle knottingham reporting. thank you. so are you one of those
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people who check your mailbox every day when you get home from work? most of us do. but in the future mail may just come three days a week. that is what the post master general predicted today. lindsey mastis brings us more. >> reporter: there is just not as much mail as there used to be. >> everything is online. >> reporter: we have all heard about cutting service on saturdays before. now the post master general predicts that in the next 15 years deliveries will be cut down to just three days a week. >> that seems crazy. >> i don't care. wouldn't affect me at all. >> reporter: amy says she likes everyday delivery especially since her son is away at camp. >> i know he looks forward to getting the mail every day. >> reporter: the post master general said he can't make ends meet. >> i've got a payment for the federal government for retired health benefits. i can't health care that payment. >> reporter: the post master general said if they just cut saturday delivery it would save 3.1 billion a year.
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>> that's just delivery and collections and outgoing mail. >> reporter: the post office has to make cuts somewhere and when they mention cutting deliveries down to three days, 15 years in the future, well, it makes other proposals sound more appealing. >> maybe just cutting saturday or something of that nature. and raising some prices. >> reporter: and, oh, yes, stamps will likely go up by a penny in january. >> in 1983 congress mandated post office delivery six days a week. he says he thinks congress could be more open to reductions this time around. anny, lesli? >> well, while you're sitting in there staying cool we are out here with our makeshift fans because it is swampy out here. you told us it was going to amp up a little bit and it did. >> it is. i feel like some places probably feels like we are on the amazon jungles. dew points in the 80s. >> wow. >> really intense stuff out there. so hopefully you're able to be inside the next couple days because we have more heat coming this day and it will get
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even worse. >> dangerous heat. >> dangerous heat. temperatures around the beltway 92 in arlington. 90 in reston. 96 leightonsville. when you look at the dew points, the heat index feels like pretty much 100 everywhere you go go. culpeper 109. we will see some of the heat index values continue to creep up over thursday and friday. here is a look at the east coast temperatures where it is not just us dealing with this, pretty much everywhere you look. in fact, chicago right now is 98 degrees. des moines 99. all this stuff heading this way. so watch out. in fact, here is a look at the heat advisories and heat warnings. more than a dozen states dealing with intense heat. the red heat warning, orange heat advisory. and that will be invading our region thursday, come friday and into your weekend. the heat is on. pull your shades down these next full days. exercise in the morning or just
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forget it like i have. too hot out there. wear light colored clothes then make sure you check on the elderly. make sure they will be okay. >> here is a look at the doppler radar where most of the stones are to the south of the us around virginia beach. high pressure in place. slight chance for a stray storm tonight but we are not too worried they will be severe. the heat wave is on. very hot and humid. take breaks. avoid being outside. crazy hot through the weekend. for tonight, i will not have dinner outside tonight. clear skies. warm and muggy. be nice if you can. stray storm is it possible. lows in the 70s around downtown. gee, close to 80 degrees. still toasty. manassas 75. leesburg 77 degrees. tomorrow morning going to be a scorcher. mostly sunny and muggy. air quality code orange which means unhealthy for our sensitive group. by the afternoon very hot and muggy. temperatures reaching to 97 to 102 degrees southwest winds at 5 to 10. so check out these numbers.
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100 in downtown. 102 leesburg. 100 in culpeper. fredericksburg 92. annapolis cool down there. a little cooler at 90 degrees. here is how thursday breaks down. already by noon, lunchtime in the 90s. so i would not have lunch outside either. here is your seven-day forecast. thursday, friday. friday is the worst of the next few days we think. 103. then on saturday 100. on sunday 95. and then we have got storms maybe coming through on monday and tuesday. so this is maybe an historic heat wave. longest period of more than 100-degree weather is four days. we may get close to that. >> got to take this stuff seriously because it is dangerous heat. >> very dangerous. take it easy if you can. >> thank you, anny. a shakeup in the defense team of the army psychiatrist facing the death penalty in the fort hood shootings. we will be right back.
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the suspect in the fort hood shootings now has a new defense team. major nadal hasan said he released his defense attorney and now wants to be defended by three military lawyers. the former army psychiatrist did not enter a plea during the
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15-minute hearing. he faces 13 charges of murder for the shooting spree two years ago. his trial has been set for this coming march. he could get the death penalty if convicted on all charges. the former marine reservist linked to the shootings at military facilities throughout northern virginia was before a judge today as well. he was arrested last month outside the pentagon. in court today he waved his right to a preliminary hearing on grand larceny charges. those charges stem from a rash of vehicle break ins in loudoun. now, he is due back in court next month. he has yet to be charged in the military shooting. >> for the past 16 years mark davidson has worked day in and day out for the fairfax county fire and rescue department and today he was rewarded for his hard work and dedication. lieutenant davidson was presented the 2011 fairfax county firefighter of the year award. he has worked in all areas for the department from apparatus technician to his current job as an instructor at the fire
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and rescue academy. >> he stayed late, came in early, stayed late to make sure everyone that he was working for and working with was going to be successful. >> lieutenant davidson is the 26th recipient of the firefighter of the year award. that's the department's highest honor. it was created in 1985 to recognize outstanding service and dedication. >> coming up next, new at 5:30:00 p.m. this is bruce johnson in northwest washington. up 30%. not even in the middle of the heat wave today. i'll have the story coming up. wusa 9 news is sponsored in part by...
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the incoming heat wave is putting a strain on an already stretched dc fire department. >> dc fire officials tell 9news now that nearly all available ambulances including their reserve units are on the streets right now responding to mostly heat-related incidents. our bruce johnson is live from a firehouse. we know this heat is a big concern for the rescue folks out there. >> that's right. keep your fingers crossed. back there is ambulance 20. one of the few ambulances able to make it back to the firehouse. it has been that kind of day in the city. ambulance runs in the district were up 29% today with the brunt of the heat still on the
5:31 pm
way. >> hot. >> mostly heat-related runs? >> pretty much all of them are. >> reporter: dc's fire chief is urging citizens to call for help but only if they really need it. >> right now our resources are stretched pretty thin and in that respect we would like to ask folks they utilize 911 appropriately. >> reporter: the chief says the department is down to 1 reserve ambulance, roughly 40 ambulance units are now working the streets. >> you have a few ambulances go down and you are in trouble. >> we expect to have ambulances come back too. >> reporter: meanwhile the mayor and city health director today warned the heat isn't just uncomfortable it is life threatening. >> $1 for ice cold water. >> 117, 118, 120. this 1 deflection of the sun. all of the concrete we have around here. so staying out for more than two hours is just dangerous for your life. >> pretty hot and muggy so i'm making it short. >> what are you doing to stay hydrated? >> i drank a bunch of water
5:32 pm
before and afterwards i will drink a lot of water. >> if you must exercise do it bright and early or do it late at night. >> reporter: firefighters are now checking senior citizen buildings that lost power during the last heat wave. city pools staying open longer. cooling centers have been established and the inspection station in southwest is closing early tomorrow. >> how bad is it with the ambulance situation in the district is this consider this. they have ordered 27 new ambulances. that's how much they need them but they won't be here until october. back to you. >> oh, just a heat wave week too late. all right, bruce, thanks for that. during periods of extreme heat it is particularly dangerous for people who work outside. tonight, the u.s. department of labor's osha division is calling atten to the dangerous jobs that require people to be outside. they are supporting the initiative and we want to know you think is the hottest place to work in the dc area from construction to delivery truck drivers. tell us what you think.
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we are on on our facebook page and tell us about the hottest jobs in washington. we have got an update about the social experiment in dupont circle yesterday. it turns out dc makes the grade but slipping into the rankings a bit. setting up an unmanned pop-up store to see if people would pay $1 for each bottle they took and there was a hidden camera to catch the action. the people have given dc an honesty score of 91%. that's good. chicago came in number 1. progress on creating a blood test to screen for alzheimer's disease, something doctors have been trying to do for a very long time. australian researchers said alzheimer's plaque can be lurking in people's brains. if the test shows it is
5:34 pm
accurate it could become widely available as an early detection tool in people having memory problems. headaches have become an unlikely issue in the republican presidential race. a conservative political website has reported representative michele bachman gets treatment for chronic migraine headaches, the report cited anonymous quotes from three former aides. one questioning her ability to run the nation saying the severe headaches were triggered by stress. obviously the health of a presidential candidate is a legitimate concern for voters. it has set off a firestorm. conservatives say she is being targeted. liberals are saying, hey, this is sexist. okay, joining us now to talk about the medical and political implications are dr. jessica iloni, director of the headache center at georgetown university hospital and david hawkings, editor of roll call daily briefing. >> doctor, these episodes that
5:35 pm
they are describing where she gets one of these migraines, lights off, incapacitated even more than a day. is that feasible? >> it is feasible. it is quite common for people with migraines to suffer from severe headaches that requires them to be in dark rooms, avoid eating because they get severe nausea and vomiting. the laid sounds become very irritating. typically if a migraine is left untreated it can last up to 72 hours in some people. >> wow. >> a long amount of time. >> a long amount of time. mr. hawkings, the sexist comment. this brought on by stress. as a woman can she handle the job being debilitated by this. can she be commander in chief? is there something about this? >> going against the only women in the race, trying to find something that would be only about a woman. it is actually not only about a woman. i'm actually learning just today that maybe one out of six women get migraines. >> it is more common in women, yes. >> it is more common but not
5:36 pm
exclusive to women. but what is exclusive is politicians are under high stress. i also learned today thomas jefferson himself wrote the declaration of independence while he had a migraine so he was able to lead the country. it seems to be maybe backfiring once this information comes out. michele bachman has done a pretty savvy job of turning this around. an awareness issue. >> she has come out today saying i do get migraines but they are managed by medication. one thing about being a woman that is so interesting to me. she said this and it was backed by her son in the new york times. high heel days, the day she is on her feet high heels she is more prone to a migraine. is there anything to that? >> that is a first but being on your feet all day that leads to
5:37 pm
lack of food, dehydration, high stress. those are very big triggers for migraine so probably not the heels but the implication of what she is doing in these heels all day, meetings involved. spending a lot of time in a high stress situation that might trigger her migraines. >> what about missing votes? what's going on. that was brought up in several of these articles, missing votes as a result of this. >> she did have nearly perfect attendance for her first two years in the house, dropped to below average in 2009. we don't know why. you can't figure out every vote she missed. but she missed one out of every nine votes. but then last year brought her attendance record up above average. so if she was suffering from migraines she seems to have treat it with medication and seems back in the main stream many when she was missing votes she was campaigning and at events. who knows. >> thank you for your insights on this. i'm sure we will hear a lot more. thank you for being with us.
5:38 pm
leslie? >> coming up next, police taser a suspect rights in front of dozens of witnesses and it is all caught on tape. plus, the story behind this watery end to a high speed chase in los angeles. >> and don't forget we are always on at stay with us. we will be right back.
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caught on tape. a controversial decision to taser a man after a high speed chase. the man did not appear to pose a threat. he stiffened after being taser and hit his head on the ground. a bystander videotaped the whole thing. >> grabbed the video camera and started shooting and saw this guy get tased and dropped right pretty much after i turned the video camera on. >> that guy who got tasered got up shortly afterwards. police say they took the action because he wasn't obeying their commands much he was a passenger in that van that was in the high speed chase. the driver will facing a vated assault and dui charges after release from the hospital. in los angeles a carjacking that started out outside of a grocery store, well, it came to
5:42 pm
a dramatic end. the suspected thief ended up causing this. slammed into two parked cars then crashed into a high pressure hydrant which set off a 100-foot gusher. three houses suffered some water damage, one family was even forced out of their home. the suspect is now in custody. take a look at what happened when a geyser blew open a manhole cover in montreal. lifting a car 6 feet in the air. it flood and violently erupted. somebody nearby shot the video just as under ground waste spilled out into the road. can you imagine the smell? he said this is not the first time this has happened in the area. coming up on 9news now. the kid farm on the zoo was on the brink of becoming extinct before it got life support. plus, some local kids are having the time of their lives this summer but in enemy
5:43 pm
territory. anny? >> it is already hot and humid out here. it is pretty bad but it will get worse. dangerous heat headed this way. i'll let you know how hot in that seven-day forecast. right now it feels like 101 degrees in downtown. it feels miserable. i've got more details on your forecast. but first, are you at risk for a personal debt crisis? up next, we will share some ways you can control how much money you borrow.
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a recall tops our consumer alert tonight. ford is calling back more than 20,000 pickup truck and suvs over a defective switch. here are the impacted models. certain 2004 to 2011 ranger pickup truck. 2002 to five excursion suvs and 2002 three 2007 f250, 350, 450 and 550 trucks. ford says it doesn't know of any injuries or accidents and
5:47 pm
will notify owners soon. the debt ceiling in washington has caused many people to look at their debt and finances. while the recent recession caused lots of households to cutback others remain an unpected bill ahead from a debt crisis. >> reporter: maxing out its credit cards for the u.s. and payment is due august 2nd. a similar situation that plays out in many household. but experts say debt doesn't have to be a bad thing. >> people shouldn't in a knee jerk way say i don't want to any debt. doesn't mean you have to borrow the money but it should be available to you if you have a need for you. >> reporter: not maxing out credit is key. it is better to be in position to borrow if an emergency strikes you just need to know the good debt from the bad.
5:48 pm
>> bad debt is debt that either you're using for something that is going to lose value right away, you don't really need. >> reporter: for example, debt and unpaid bills from weekend shopping sprees, will they wreck your credit and prevent you from getting a mortgage. that's bad. >> you have to be the professional manager of your credit. you've got to build it, nurture it, manage it and protect it properly sos that it is a resume and not a rap sheet. >> reporter: manage deficit versus debt. so what you need to pay out should not be more than what you're bringing in. and try not to bridge any gaps with extra credit. also, know the interest rate on every debt so you can pay off the most expensive ones first. keep tabs on your credit record. >> everything from buying a home to a car to now even getting a job, credit is considered. so it pervades every aspect of our lives. >> and the ceo you just heard from says make sure your good debt stays good and limit the amount of bad debt
5:49 pm
that you accrue. you want to show that you are a responsible credit consumers. >> yes, you do. new life for the kids farm at the national zoo. it was scheduled to close because of smithsonian budget cuts but a 1.4 million gift from state farm insurance will keep those barns opening. kids farm is home to 20 donkeys and other animals. making sure the petting zoo will remain open for five more years. >> so great for little ones. >> i'm looking at the bundled up video thinking they wouldn't be wearing that today. >> you would be crazy to think about bringing out coats. although we are looking at temperatures where a sting of 100-degree days are approaching our region for tomorrow. friday and even saturday. so, we are watching that mercury rise on up. here is a look at live doppler 9000. see where we have got high pressure and control of the region so we are not really too worried about the showers and storms, although it is a slight
5:50 pm
possibility tonight. right now temperatures in the lower 90s in downtown. 97 in leesburg. 93 in winchester. it feels like 101 in downtown. andrews air force base 100. fredricksburg 103. culpeper 109. winchester coming in at 103. ugly outside. heat wave is on. once again very hot, humid tomorrow. the excessive heat warning now is for tomorrow and through friday. maybe even saturday. avoid being outside. take breaks. and the weekend looking just as bad. so you can see the entire washington region is under that heat warning through friday. heat index values more than 110 for some locations. clear skies tonight. warm and muggy. a stray storm is possible. maybe some lightening if you get it. so it is possible. i don't think we will really see them though. lows in the 70s. now, tonight, temperatures near 80 around downtown. 77 in leesburg. a toasty night. the morning starting out mostly sunny and muggy. air quality is code orange which means unhealthy for our sensitive groups. then in the afternoon very hot
5:51 pm
and muggy. highs around 97 to 102. here is a look at your seven- day forecast. triple digit heat thursday, friday. friday is the worst. 103. saturday at 100. and then sunday, hey, we cool down. big quotes around that. do 95 degrees. last time we had four consecutive 100-degree days was years ago. >> we live in washington, home of the heat wave, home of the redskins, caps, wizards, nationals. >> but this week our homeland has been invaded by red sox nation. 9news sports director brett haber has more on the invasion. >> one of the unavoidable truths about being a sports fan in dc is there are so many people who are originally from somewhere else sometimes when you go to a game there as many fans for the opposing team as there are for the nats, os or wizards. now a major league for the first time is taking advantage
5:52 pm
of that in our backyard and they think it is wicked awesome. here is kristin berset. >> reporter: from the socks to the jerseys to the accent. >> red sox over here. bring it in. >> reporter: no, you haven't been transported to boston. this is bethesda and it has been invaded with red socks. while the pros are at camden yards taking on the orioles, these youngsters are spending a week learning the game pitch by pitch, swing by swing. >> awesome. lots of baseball. very, very fun. >> reporter: this is the first year the red sox summer camp is being held outside the state of massachusetts. and it is completely sold out. organizers say they are not surprised by the immediate success. >> all you need to do is go up to camden yards or last year when they were at nats park to see how there really are. >> reporter: some of the kids showed up with a zimmerman t-
5:53 pm
shirt on but gladly changed that in for the red sox uniform. he says they want to teach the kids the red sox way of playing baseball. >> we encourage them to be the leader in their dugout, be the leader at camp and also take those leadership qualities home and make sure they are doing that around their younger siblings. >> reporter: the kids got an extra special treat tuesday night. they went to the os/sox game and got a vip tour of the camden yards. the highlight meeting his idol. >> meeting dustin pedroia. that was awesome. >> reporter: new friends, new gears, memories to last a lifetime. in bethesda, kristin berset, 9sports now. >> i don't think that looks right to me in this town. is it me? red sox are now talking about holding a camp in of all places new york. i hope they account for extra security because that is going to be an adventure. anita? >> adventure, indeed.
5:54 pm
thank you, brett. rupert murdoch's wife thrust into the spotlight when she sprung into action to defend her husband. up next we take a closer look at the woman behind the media mogul. emergency legislation for all nightclubs in prince george's county. i'll tell you why council members believe they need to crack down.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
talk about stand by your man. everyone still all abuzz about how rupert murdoch's wife jumped to his rescue when he was attacked yesterday in british parliament by a guy with a shaving foam pie. here is more about murdoch's better half. >> reporter: if the old saying is true behind every successful man there is a woman it probably also helps if she has a good right hook. >> whoa. >> reporter: 42-year-old wendi deng murdoch wasted no time. >> the stock rose tremendously. everyone now is wondering who is wendi deng. >> reporter: she is murdoch's third wife. >> she grew up playing volleyball growing up in china. >> reporter: she came to the u.s. in 1988 on a student visa.
5:58 pm
>> she moved here. ended up marrying her host father after having an affair with him. >> reporter: in 1996 deng single again but now with a green card graduated from yale with a business degree. >> did very well and became an intern at star which is one of murdoch's company's in asia and she turned out to have met him when he needed a translator on one of his trips there. so that was the beginning of their meeting and their romance. >> reporter: in 1999 she married rupert murdoch. 38 years his junior. >> you couldn't help notice the woman sitting behind rupert murdoch was half his age. when she jumped up to defend him that was the kind of love and compassion you see that i think any husband or wife wants to see. >> reporter: but she is also raising their two children and helps to shape his media empire's operations in asia.
5:59 pm
and more recently in hollywood. >> fox pictures presents. >> reporter: she helped produce the film "snow flower" and "the secret fan." the story of a life long friendship between two chinese women. >> i grew up in china in a small town very, very poor so in a way i can relate to that character. >> reporter: now she stands by her husband's side during these scandulous times fiercely defending him in more ways than one. >> the speculation whether rupert murdoch will step down or step up from the c.e.o. job is going to continue i think in the days and weeks to come. he is lucky that he has someone like wendi to help him. >> the guy that did this is a comedian. he was arrested and has been charged by police. his name is johnny marbles. >> and the drama continues. thank you for joining us for 9news now at 5 p.m. 9news now at 6 p.m. starts right now. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: this is 9news now. the smothering


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